Race like the German Marathon Champ - Saysky Athlete Alexander Hirschäuser

Race like the German marathon champ and Saysky athlete, Alexander Hirschäuser.

When racing, it is crucial to wear the right kind of apparel and gear, to enable the body to perform at its best without encountering chafing or clingy clothes hindering sweat evaporation or breathability.

Alexander is a passionate, devoted runner, who challenged himself to beat his own personal record, while also becoming the 2021 German Marathon Champ. Here, we’re presenting his Saysky race gear.


Combat Singlet

To ensure maximum performance, Alexander decided to gear up in our Clean Combat Singlet:

The SAYSKY Clean Combat Singlet is a regular unisex race singlet with woven labels on the front and back. The singlet is moisture-wicking and quick-drying, which ensures high breathability and increased airflow. The technical construction reduces the fabric’s ability to cling to your skin. It is made of 100% recycled Japanese polyester, which is a high-performance lightweight material that feels soft against the skin and offers high flexibility.

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Pace Shorts

Alex paired the singlet with the Pace Shorts:

The SAYSKY Pace Shorts are a classic pair of running shorts - and one of our all-time best-sellers. They're incredibly lightweight and breathable, with a regular fit that's designed for high performance. The pants have a black SAYSKY logo on the back and a woven label in white on the front.

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Sweatband & Sleeves

To finish off his look, Alex added Sweatband and Sleeves:

Ready, set, go - full on with the outfit! SAYSKY Race pack contains a Combat Sweatband and the Combat Sleeves. It’s a perfect combination of looking cool and feeling comfortable.

The sweatband is a unisex headband made for running and working out. It will keep sweat and hair away from your face, when you are hitting the roads or going hard in the gym. The sweatband is made in soft terry cotton and features an embroidered SAYSKY logo.

The Combat Sleeves are made for everyday running or racing. They are worn by the pros and all the cool kids in town who want to upgrade their look. They come with a classic SAYSKY logo on the sides.

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