Run commute guide by SAYSKY

When your legs become your transportation

Run commuting has never been more present than now. 2020 has been a year where we have been forced to change many of our daily habits due to COVID-19, and we’ve have had to rethink how we transport ourselves – and here run commuting is a great form of transportation. Run commuting gives you a freedom that no other means of transportation can offer – you are not depending on a car, you don’t have to wait for an overcrowded bus and you don’t have to worry about a flat bicycle tire. Just put on your shoes and you are ready to go. It’s a money saver, a time saver and is even great for the environment – what’s not to like!




Why run commute?

Run commuting is great way to get exercise in a busy everyday life. Maybe you are a very ambitious runner and you need all the extra miles you can get, maybe you are crazy about long trail runs or maybe you are joggling work, free time and family time. Either way run commuting is a great way to get your daily run going and save some time on transportation – it will leave you energized and feeling more alive. So, say goodbye to traffic jams and crowded buses and say hello to a new and more liberating way of transporting yourself, where it’s all about you and your feet hitting the ground.

Maybe you are an experienced run commuter, or maybe you are just getting started, but tips and tricks from fellow runners are always welcome. Below we have gathered some tips to get you going.




12 run commute tips – how to get the best out of your run


1. Getting started

If you’re just getting started or you live far away from your workplace, then there are ways to reduce the initial mileage or make it more manageable. You can use public transport part of the way and then run the rest or even hop on the bike in the morning and then run home after work. Of course, this requires some planning, but it’s a good way to get into run commuting.


2. All new habits require adaption

If your plan is to start running to and from work just remember that even though your body might hate you the first couple of early mornings, it will get easier. Once you get used to it, you will experience an increase in your energy level and your mood. Note that sleep and getting to bed the night before in due time is the best possible preparation.


3. Consider saving the big breakfast for later

It’s not everybody who can run on a full stomach, it might be a good idea to start with a light snack instead of going all in on a big breakfast for champions. Your stomach will thank you later! Instead make sure you have breakfast waiting for you at the office.


4. Find the best route

Do a little research to find the best suitable route. Maybe you just want to go straight to work, or maybe you enjoy a detour and a bit of mother nature in the morning. Have some different route plans depending on your mood and schedule. By planning your route you won’t get lost or show up late for work – we’re pretty sure your boss will appreciate the last part.


5. Consider shower options

If you are lucky your workplace is equipped with a shower otherwise you can take a pitstop at your local gym. If a shower is out of the question – maybe go for a shorter run in the morning, maybe you only run home or maybe you just embrace your post run sweat. But hey sometimes a sink, some baby wipes and a dry shampoo can do miracles!


6. Find a great run commute backpack

It goes without saying that a good running backpack is essential. Your legs can take you far, but you will still need backpack for your keys, clothes and perhaps a laptop. Find a backpack that accommodates your needs and doesn’t become a burden on your run. If you are tired of looking for the perfect running backpack, you can always check out our take on the best run commute backpack HERE.


7. Plan your runs

You don’t have to run every day if you don’t feel like it. If you are a novice perhaps start with once a week until you get more comfortable. It can be a good idea to plan the days you want to run, and then prepare everything the night before. This way you just have to grab your backpack and get going.


8. Safety first

Safety always comes first when running. If you live in a big city you have to be extra careful in the busy hours. Leave the noise cancelling earphones at home and consider taking less busy routes and remember to make yourself visible (especially when it gets dark). Luckily we have a bunch of styles that will make sure you light up one the roads - check out our reflective styles HERE


9. Find the right gear

The weather can be a big obstacle, which is why the right gear is essential. Make sure you have a great jacket to protect you from the wind and layering styles for colder days. You can check out our great running jackets HERE and layering styles HERE. This way the weather is not going to stop you. 


10. Have a post run kit at work

If you commit to run commuting, then leave a pair of extra shoes at your desk or bring in an extra set of clothes the day before your run. This way you don’t have to carry unnecessary extras on your run – it’s the small things that matter.


11. Experimenting with pace

Run commuting is a great way to experiment with your pace. Start using commute run as a recovery run which is pretty much the same pace as your long run. When you get more experienced you can play around with fartlek – just remember you might be carrying a backpack, which will make you slower. And speaking of backpacks – the heavier the backpack, the stronger a core you will need. So, don’t forget your core exercises.


12. Run commuting as a part of you training

If you a serious about your running or training for a half or full marathon, run commuting can be a great way to put in some extra mileage while still having a purpose. If you live far away from work, you can even combine your long runs with commuting – it will save you time and give you a purpose.





Finding the best run commute backpack – even for laptops

We are all about run commuting – but let’s face it we still need to carry around our essentials. Which is why we have created the perfect running backpack specially designed to carry your laptop. Check out our SAYSKY Running Commuter Backpack alongside some of our other run commute essentials RIGHT HERE.


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