Running Track Etiquette

SAYSKY Running Track Etiquette

Smoke track not crack

As many other passionate runners, we like to hit the track for our occasional speed and interval sessions. It's a great place for newcomers and experienced runners alike. This is where you can put the hammer down and feel unstoppable. We know that this is what you're all about. You're part of the SAYSKY World after all.

However, as you crush the laps, there's a certain track etiquette you would need to respect for the general safety and enjoyment of everyone there. So check out these few guidelines and then get going and hit the track for your weekly session. 

Running track etiquette: 

  • Never step on the track without looking in both directions. 
  • Never stand still on the track. 
  • There's absolutely no walking, talking or standing in lane #1 and lane #2. These are the fast lanes. Walking will be done in the outer lanes. 
  • Never run more than two persons side by side. 
  • If someone yells "track", then move out the way quickly. 
  • Always run in a counter clockwise direction. 
  • Warm-up, warm-down and jogging can be done in clockwise direction, preferably in lanes #6, #7, and #8, if the track is not too crowded. 
  • Always pass on the right. When moving back inside, check first, and only cut in when you have 2-3 steps on the runner behind you.
  • Hold your position when being passed.
  • Pay attention to the runners around you when starting or stopping.
  • Don't listen to music in your headphones, while on the track. This is an absolute no go on all tracks worldwide.
  • For all the experienced runners out there, please be patient with new runners. It will take some time to learn proper track etiquette.

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On a final note: it's only okay to sleep on the track, if you plan to be the first one there the next morning. smoke track t-shirt

saysky running track etiquette