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Top 5 SAYSKY Stories of 2019

Merry Christmas from the entire SAYSKY team. While you are relaxing on the couch, struggling to keep the snaps down (come on, we all know you have been eating too much), we thought it would be a fun idea to gather the top 5 most popular stories from 2019. 

We have organised them below, so you can re-read the articles and enjoy the pictures. No need to move from the sofa - we have the Christmas reading right here:

No. 1: The Father-Work-Runner Balance

This is our most read article from 2019 about elite-runner, SAYSKY Athlete and hard-working dad, Simon Holbek. Simon's story is so inspiring and admirable that it didn't come as a surprise that this would become the most popular read of the year. Simon keeps improving and we are excited to follow him in 2020. His story is a must-read for everyone! Check it out here.

saysky simon holbek 

No. 2: Track Etiquette

Our second most popular story in 2019, was the article about proper running track etiquette. This article highlighted the crucial rules and do's and don't's when you step on a track and what you should remember to be aware off. Re-read the story right here

saysky track etiquette

No. 3: How to Train for a Marathon

Another article that you were crazy about was our guide on how to run for a marathon. In this guide, we teamed up with SAYSKY Athlete Sebastian Reinwand to get the best tips on how to train for the marathon distance. A really great guide that we recommend to read - whether you're a marathon veteran or new to the distance. 

saysky guide how to train for a marathon

No. 4: The Peanutbutter Minister

Our very own Peanutbutter Ministeren took 4th place of the most popular stories of 2019, and for a good reason. This article touches upon how Brian (Peanutbutter Ministeren) balances having a full-time job, while at the same time being a very fast runner. His hilarious take on the Danish-running scene is inspiring and we strongly recommend for you to read the interview with him here

saysky interview peanutbutter ministeren

No. 5: How to train for a fast 5k

The fifth most read article of 2019, is our guide on how to train for a fast 5k. In this guide, we asked SAYSKY Athlete Paul Navesey for his absolute best advice. The article is a definite must-read for all runners out there wanting to improve their time on this distance - either on the track or on the streets. Take a look at the guide here

saysky guide