On Foot - by Naive Studio

On Foot - by Naive Studio

Are you really lost if you have nowhere to be? 

The mountains reflect our ambitions and limitations. While humbling they provide a silence and stillness that is rarely accessed in everyday life.

On foot is a film highlighting the inner workings, thoughts and landscapes of ultra runner Will Dean’s adventures that cover vast distances, terrains and weather. Dive inside the mindset and movements of a sport and passion that can only be accessed ‘On Foot’.
A project forged from friendship and with a goal of showcasing this sport and setting in a style like never before. 

Cinematography/edit: Naive Studio
Photography: Adam Mane
Runner: William Dean @dolladean

Common love for the great outdoors

When Naive Studio first approached Saysky with their ‘On Foot’ film project, it wasn’t hard to find common grounds, as we both share a mutual love for trail running and the great outdoors.

The aim was to create and showcase a personal tale and inner dialogue of a runner’s adventure through the Snowdonia mountain range. Giving meaning to the ‘why’ and the personality that shines through the sport, while also highlighting the adventures that can be achieved ‘On Foot’.

Remember, you’re always welcome to reach out if you have creative ideas or projects.

Embark on your own outdoor adventures 

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