Women's Safety Social Run: SAYSKY RunEase is a new event and social run for women. The sole purpose of SAYSKY RunEase is to draw attention towards the issues of women's safety on the run and how it's a shame that the urban environment doesn't provide a sense of security due to lack of light on the popular routes.

Read below about the growing issue and how more and more women feel insecure when they run alone or in the dark. You'll find the program info and signup further down as well.


Safety on the Run: As women we are constantly faced with the fear of how vulnerable we really are. It makes us think twice when walking home from a night out through a darkened park or jogging alone during those winter mornings. Because of our gender we must constantly think about how to be safe and we feel at risk. We know there are things we shouldn’t do and places we shouldn’t go.

It’s not that women are constantly frightened or that we are living in fear. Rather, it’s that we know that we must be wary and be careful; we take the longer route home from work when its dark and we choose to run where there are lights in the evenings.

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Why SAYSKY RunEase: This made SAYSKY think about the women’s running community and the safety out there when we run/jog or walk. Women deserve to feel safe and to run without a worry. SAYSKY celebrates everyday-heroes and admire the men and women who get those early morning or late-night miles in when it’s dark, windy and cold, and we would absolutely encourage everyone to not skip these moments just because they felt unsafe or exposed.

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Event Info: We would like to bring together all those passionate women out there and gather them for an evening run this time, followed by snacks/drinks and hopefully a talk. Our agenda is to spread the word about safety and vulnerability, and we want to make the streets safe by talking about those parks that are darkened in the mornings, lakes that are missing streetlights and how we can bring more safety to the city we are living in.

Next event: TBA